Book Review: Snowflake by Louise Nealon

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I knew my first review on this blog would have to be Snowflake* by Louise Nealon. I read this back at the beginning of the year and I still think about it all the time! The first time I sat down to write this it turned out like a love letter to a book, I am completely obsessed with it!

Snowflake* is beautiful, compelling and completely different to anything I’ve ever enjoyed before. I found it to be more character driven than I was expecting, and I was apprehensive about it as I much prefer a plot drive book (I am a romcom fan after all!). But Nealon crafted her characters so beautifully you cannot help but love them. I was fully invested in everyone and their lives, so much so I couldn't put the book down!

Add the Irish humour into the mix and you have a perfect read, there were a few times I stopped reading to tell my boyfriend about something amusing that someone had said or done which hardly ever happens!

The book deals with a lot of issues with the ‘snowflake’ generation are known for in the media (good or bad) but especially mental health and attitudes towards it. It was really interesting to read about it from someone who is a part of this generation and completely understands the complexities that an 18-year-old experiences and why the middle aged men of the world might refer to them as snowflakes. That being said - the title 'Snowflake' has so many layers and meanings throughout the book; it's incredible!

Have I raved about this enough? It is out in May but if you want a copy definitely pre-order it here* you won’t be disappointed - an easy five star from me (back when I was still giving out ratings!).

*this post contains affiliate links - I make a small commission of the profits however it doesn't alter the price for you.

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