Book Review: One Ordinary Day at A Time

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Behind every ordinary day, behind every ordinary story, there's an extraordinary one just waiting to happen...

Simon Sparks hides in plain sight - his astonishing gifts locked deep inside himself, as he dreams of lost potential and extraordinary tomorrows.

Jodie Brook hides behind what you think of her - a single mum who can barely make ends meet. But her dreams are filled with the education she always wanted and discovering a better life for her and her son.

When Simon and Jodie's lonely worlds collide, it upends everything. But as it becomes clear they have so much to learn from each other - Jodie can show Simon how to rejoin the world, and Simon can help Jodie prepare for her greatest challenge yet - they begin to realise that life could be so much more.


I really enjoyed this, you can’t help but like both characters and Jodies son, Sarah Harris has done such a god job of crafting such intricate characters! Both are trying to better themselves throughout which leaves you really rooting for them!

The narrative is written as a split narrative between Jodie and Simon which really helps the reader get to know them, I don’t think I had a preference between them which I usually do!

Throughout the book there are pieces of the puzzle you are waiting for and no matter how I tried I did not figure them out. I absolutely loved the ending!

It’s a completely intriguing, loveable novel which gave me Educating Rita vibes - I’d definitely recommend you pick this up!


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