April Round-Up

Can you believe we are in May already? As I write this I am majorly procrastinating my university assignments, I only have two weeks left which is crazy!

Anyway... here is my round up and a little one line review of my April reads!

The Khan - Saima Mir*

A re-telling of The Godfather with a women at the helm? Yes please!

The Summer Job - Lizzy Dent*

A fun summer read, centred around friendship, family and finding who you are.

Just Like You - Nick Hornby*

A look into modern britain and the complexities of love and relationships.

Boys Don't Cry - Fiona Scarlett*

Completely raw and emotional, you will need a packet of tissues for this!

The Venice Sketchbook - Rhys Bowen*

(this was featured in AD but this post is completely separate)

A dual narrative set across two generations in Venice. Perfect escapism (until WW2 begins).

Lonely Castle in The Mirror - Mizuki Tsujimura*

This is a contender for my favourite book of the year (so far). It tells the story of children in Japan who all find themselves passing through a mirror into a castle where they are met by a wolf and must complete a task to have a wish granted. It sounds the opposite of anything I'd enjoy but I loved it.

I Am Not Your Baby Mother - Candice Brathwaite*

A non-fiction book about the reality of being a black mother in Britain. An eye-opening, must read.

Love in a Lost Year - Josh Oldridge*

Imagine Normal People by Sally Rooney set during lockdown! I loved it!

One Ordinary Day at a Time -Sarah J Harris *

A modern day Educating Rita, a wholesome story about a 25 year old single mum, trying to get into Cambridge to give children in care a start that she never had.

Love & London - Ellie White*

An enemy's - lovers romcom, I flew through this in a day!

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